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This blog is for me to write and express about my life and being a submissive and little. bdsm and DD/lg, that kind of stuff. This blog isn't that bad but it's still 18+ and probably nsfw. I track the tag "anonymouslittlesub"
Sir:*does something to purposefully annoy me.*
Me:Are you serious?! I will fuck you up!
Sir:Excuse me?!!
Me:-side down. I will fuck you upside down.
Sir:Damn straight you'll fuck me upside down.

Sorry that I typically use He/she talking about Caregiver/little relationships in my posts, but I’m usually talking about my own relationship. And I really hope it doesn’t make anyone sad, because I adore your relationship whatever it is and whatever you are and I want you to know that you’re important and valid and everything about you is wonderful!

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